Our Present Programs

Early Childhood Development (ECD)

Early childhood development is process facilitation by trained caregivers to different aged children that associated the broader development of children with a preparation for next step of education and participation in the mainstream of development process. This type of ECD approach and package facilitation also helps and associated with the working mothers for their children in keeping children in own home environment where their children gets grown up nursing and take caring supports for their physical, mental, linguistic and social communication development. The ECD package following parts stated in bellow. Part-1: Crèche (0 to 03 years): This is a garments factory in site based program. These services are provided to children in garments factory site where a learning room (daycare centers) is decorated with different learning and playing materials for the crèche child where a trained caregiver engaged to provide learning supports to children. This service package helps garments factories workers especially female workers for the crèche children needs to keep in a home environment for doing their job smoothly and tension free.
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Occupational Health and Safety (OHS)

This is a rights based program for the readymade garments workers. SOF works with garments workers, owners and factories management staff under this program approach. This program has been implementing in the selected garments factories located in urban areas of Bangladesh. This is also a part of an advocacy program implementation approach where garments owners, factories management staff and workers are being motivated and sensitized to make sure in enjoying workers rights and entitlement of services by working together as a win-win game modality. The main objective of the project is to reduce the incidence of accident of workers while they are in production, and increase their knowledge and awareness on labor laws standard of which allows them to raise their collective voice for getting financial benefits and other services as workers rights from owners. Side by side garments owners are more responsible to make sure the safety environment in their factories that allows enhancing the targeted production quantity by workers.
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