Shobujer Ovijan Foundation (SOF), the Shobujer Ovijan took from the Bengali word of which English comes as Green and Expedition respectively. Together they stand for expedition of the younger people. SOF was established in 2005 by a group of personalities committed and motivated to build itself a quite substantive constituency amongst the disadvantaged working women and children in urban and rural areas. It was registered with joint stock companies under society act in 2005. For having international donors’ grants, SOF was registered with NGO affairs bureau of Bangladesh government in 2012. Since having this type of registration from NGO affairs bureau, SOF received many external donors grants for implementing different project activities that specially focuses on basic rights, women and child rights, workers rights and other economical and social issues of disadvantaged peoples’ lives.


SOF envisions a society where all children and women enjoy secure, healthy, enlightened lives and responsive environment that promote their social, economical, cultural and normal development.


SOF endeavors are to unleash the potential of disadvantaged working women and their children to succeed in life through providing education, specialized crèche, health care, livelihood skills and community development services. Development of children and gender is the fundamental to our work.